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Fruin and Associates is an independent insurance agency that represents a large number of insurance companies. This gives us a wide range of products to select from when assisting you. We can provide you with solutions to your insurance needs no matter what stage of life you are in.

We offer life insurance for infants, teens, adults and even seniors. We have health insurance for individuals, families, small businesses and large corporations.

Seniors - we have all of your Medicare supplement and part D prescription plans, and a dental plan just for people 65 and over.

For people looking to retire we can help with IRA and 401K roll-overs, and we can help you start a retirement plan for yourself, no matter what stage in life you are now.

Fruin and Associates believes that the relationship with our client starts before any products are discussed. To truly help you meet your needs, we must thoroughly understand what your needs are. That way, as your needs change, we can help make the necessary adjustments.

We are available to answer your question and assist in all of your financial needs. We have access to certified financial planners, lawyers and accountants, to allow you to develop the best plan for you. Contact us today and let us help you with all of your insurance needs.

Fruin and Associates is a proud supporter of the EmergeTag™. The EmergeTag™ is a medical alert device that stores your vital medical information on a computer chip that can be easily access via the USB port of any computer. The device can be worn on a necklace or attached to your keychain. In case of emergency, an EMT will be able to easily locate your family, your doctor, any medications you're taking and will know of any allergies that you may have. You can purchase a EmergeTag™ from Health Tech Services.