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What's New

Medicare Part "D"

This addition to the Medicare program is designed to assist Medicare recipients with the cost of prescription Drugs. Enrollment begins November 15th of 2005 and coverage begins January 1, 2006. The plan will be presented by insurance companies and no plan will cover all drugs or all pharmacies. You will need to select coverage that best meets your needs.

Equity Index Annuity

This new from of annuity provides the same guaranteed safe investment that has been the mainstay of annuities for decades. The difference is in how the growth is calculated. Instead if a small, annually-adjusted, fixed rate of interest, an Equity Index Annuity determines the rate of growth based on the change in the equity index you select. The amount of growth is limited to a "capped" percentage, either monthly or annually. Because of these caps, some of the growth of the index may not be applied to the annuity, but the annuity will never loose money.